Thursday, November 25, 2004

Jive Turkey

Happy Jive'Turkey Day my shizzles!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

St. Benedict's Youth Group pt. 2

"As often as anything especial is to be done in the monastery, the abbot shall call together the whole congregation, and shall himself explain the question at issue. And, having heard the advice of the brethren, he shall think it over by himself, and shall do what he considers most advantageous. . " - The Rule, "About Calling in the Brethren to Take Council"

I really liked this passage when I read it this week. Although the abbot, whom I imagine as a very wise sort, is the spiritual leader and administrator of the abby, still he is mindful to call all the monks together to discuss issues of the community.

I see this speaking to the youth pastor as abbot in a way that allows a youth group to really be empowered to be the incarnated body of christ when it comes to "doing ministry" together. So much of my past youth ministry has been me planning events, service, and study "for" my youth. Obviously I've been the man with the mission to help my kids grow in faith.

Although my passion is to see them grow in faith- what I take from this passage is how youth ministry is not about the youth director anymore than the monestary is about the abbot and the vision of the abbot. Youth ministry is about a group of people creating a community that runs counter to the world. Everyone in this community has a place and something to offer.

I have discovered that some of my best moments of Youth Ministry have been when I've opened decisions and direction of our group up to the youth. In fact they've never let me down.

Interestingly enough Benedict doesn't say that the abbot decides in favor of the community's opinion every time, in fact the abbot after asking for direction from the whole community, takes aside some of the elders of the monestary and talks seriously with them. Then through prayer the abbot makes decisions.

I think we call this discernment- what a novel way to function as a youth group.

Thank you again Benedict.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Need sleep....

Man, oh man, classes have kicked me in the butt this week. I ought to be reading Hans Frei and Jurgen Moltmann right now- but every part of my body and brain is hurting right now. Oh well...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Our Contemplative Worship Gathering Needs a Name

Ok, so our youth group has really gotten into contemplative spiritual practices- reading scripture meditatively, silence, creative prayer stations, icons, prayer candles, etc....

We were doing these practices on Sunday nights for our youth group meetings and then decided to put together a worship gathering and invite others- adults, youth and children to come and share in the cool way we worship together as a group. So last month we led our first contemplative worship experience. It went so well that we've decided to give it a go at once a month.

We don't really have a name for this worship time, but I'm thinking it needs to relate the vibe that it emits- sort of ancient meets modern (ie postmodern???) feel.

So here are my ideas for naming this new venture (please after reading- reflect and then add your own ideas):

1. "BREVIARY": the breviary is an ancient pattern of worship that follows a daily rhythm of morning, midday and evening. Monks prayed this worship together and still do today. The style of prayer/worship that we do together is a form of breviary. Check out: for more information.

2. "BENEDICTION": prayer, a blessing;

3. "BENEDICTUS": old english version of benediction

4. "SANCTUS": middle english/latin for holy,

5. "ENIGMA" OR "CONUNDRUM": A custom was among the ancients of proposing an enigma at festivals. --Pope.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please post your vote or add an idea.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Great Local Music in Nash'Vegas

All right everybody- here are my picks for upcoming live music in Nashville for the month of November. If you happen to be in D'ville, then you should definitely catch these bands playing.

Nov. 3- Model Citizen at Springwater; cool emo/alt.rock band, pretty intense
Nov. 11- Dubconscious at Windows on the Cumberland; spiritually uplifting reggae band playing at a historic music venue, great brew selection too.
Nov. 13- The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange at Windows on the Cumberland; this is one amazing jazz/funk jam band, many of the musicians whom I know. You will definitely not want to miss this one!
Nov. 20- Foggy Bottom at Windows on the Cumberland, bluegrazz and jazz, what a blend!
Nov. 23- Del McCoury Band at The Grand Ole Opry, probably the finest bluegrass band around
Nov. 25- Mile 8 at 3rd and Lindsley; rock flavored jamband from knoxville, tn, great guys and great music.

Catch some of this toe tappin' booty shakin music. I'll try and keep ya' posted on the music scened monthly. Maybe when Emergent folks are in town we can all catch some music together!