Thursday, November 04, 2004

Our Contemplative Worship Gathering Needs a Name

Ok, so our youth group has really gotten into contemplative spiritual practices- reading scripture meditatively, silence, creative prayer stations, icons, prayer candles, etc....

We were doing these practices on Sunday nights for our youth group meetings and then decided to put together a worship gathering and invite others- adults, youth and children to come and share in the cool way we worship together as a group. So last month we led our first contemplative worship experience. It went so well that we've decided to give it a go at once a month.

We don't really have a name for this worship time, but I'm thinking it needs to relate the vibe that it emits- sort of ancient meets modern (ie postmodern???) feel.

So here are my ideas for naming this new venture (please after reading- reflect and then add your own ideas):

1. "BREVIARY": the breviary is an ancient pattern of worship that follows a daily rhythm of morning, midday and evening. Monks prayed this worship together and still do today. The style of prayer/worship that we do together is a form of breviary. Check out: for more information.

2. "BENEDICTION": prayer, a blessing;

3. "BENEDICTUS": old english version of benediction

4. "SANCTUS": middle english/latin for holy,

5. "ENIGMA" OR "CONUNDRUM": A custom was among the ancients of proposing an enigma at festivals. --Pope.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please post your vote or add an idea.


Kevin Rector said...

How about one of the following:

Kidzpraize, I hate skool, Jesus and Me, Eat more salad, Come: now is the time to worship, Senior Jesus est mi jefe (Lord Jesus is my boss), antithesis, pre-production for forever, Justice League of America, Handle on Hallelujah, Handel on Hallelujah, persimmon, Exacto, Glory and Grace, Jesus Time (theme song could be a revision of "Hammer Time"), The Gospel Hour, Turn or Burn, I heart Jesus, Postmodern Praze, Ancient Futurama, Praize-O-Matic, St. Bartholomew of Bristol Bay and the Bayettes, The Hour of Power, This is Your Day, The word of faith preaching group.

These are, of course, just some ideas. I'd let the kids name it if I were you.

Anonymous said...

I think that enigma is a beautiful word- but Breviary just fits so well. To me it represents perfectly what we're trying to do. At least from what I've heard, since I haven't yet had the opportunity to attend.

The reason I say breviary is that it seems almost akin to a prayer book, or a diary- representing the individual group. Yes... I am very pleased with it!! But just to throw out another idea, how about 'Empyreal Reflection', 'The Boomya Grimoire', or something like 'Doctrina Deus'- which is latin for learning God... or something similar to it, lol.

Anonymous said...

Anam Chara is Gaelic for soul friend. The Celtic Saints used it. Might be a nice name.

Kevin Rector said...



n : a manual of black magic (for invoking spirits and demons)

gavin richardson said...

i'd say that a using a book on black magic is a bit out there. knowing some of your thoughts on worship, this isn't an emergent thing, but a rooted early church worship. the fact that you take advantage of technology is only a means connecting, not a mark of contemporary or emergent. from your thoughts and the sharing of others, it is in my eyes, only fair to go with Breviary. that's my vote.

Digger said...

Maybe Jesus and Pals (rock on South Park!)