Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, tomorrow is a big day in the life of Nashville Metho-Bloggers!! Gavin Richardson and his fiance' Erin tie the big KNOT-O-ROO!!

It's been fun to see Gavin get ready for the big day tomorrow. All the "to do's" that come with being a groom, picking out and choosing, dropping what's going on and meeting up with coordinators and decorators, etc etc...

I remember my wedding "crunch time" and all the stress I brought Jen and her mom with my "procrastinating boo-tay".

I wish Gavo and Erin all the Shalom and love with their marriage, but before that I wish the groomsmen all the FUN tonight!!!! Yeah!!! Here we go!!

Also friends, if you get a chance- Jen has asked me to pass this along (and now a word from my darling wife):

"Hello Jonathon's blogging friends. Last Saturday we had a grand birthday experiencere for our son, Jonas. I am now exploiting my son's good looks to try and win a digital camera. Please visit this site and vote for Jonas and help us po folks from the east side out." Thanks. Your vote does count in this election, I promise!!"

Have a great weekend all,


Anonymous said...

He is a fine looking boy, he must look like his momma!

gavin richardson said...

craig, he does look like his momma, which is his saving grace. &:~)

thanks for the well wishes and kind words. yall are awesome!

ps: i did my part on the vote.