Friday, October 15, 2004


I wonder just how inclusive the church could be before it would run the risk of losing its integrity. Would the church simply collapse if we let down the borders of "who's saved/who's not, who's in/who's not"?

Or I also wonder if maybe the church runs the risk of having no intergrity by defining who is and who is not accepted, welcomed, extended grace, seen as a person with a voice and gifts, instead of allowing God to do so.

I wonder if Christians ought to simply invite others into a peculiar way of life that loves God and loves neighbor, continues to tell its story, and let God handle the rest.

I dunno. Maybe, maybe not. Right now I'm leaning towards maybe.

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Anastasia said...

Hey. I'm in religion ,too. what's happening?

I don't think we can ever answer the question who is saved and who isn't. We don't know and it isn't up to us. I am in favor of letting that conversation die out. Mind your own salvation and let Jesus handle everyone else.

On the other hand, the Church can always define who is in and out institutionally. That assumes an institution, of course.