Friday, June 10, 2005

Baker's Dozen

So while we were at the Emergent Convention last year- Gavin and I really enjoyed sitting in on Jonny Baker's Alt.Worship seminar. Jonny is doing some really cool worship stuff over in the UK at Grace Church.

So in honor of my friend Jonny I composed a song tonight using a Jonny Baker sample. It's called "Baker's Dozen (Video...Music...Whatever)".

You can check it out on the TreeFinger myspace site.

I'm off to Brentwood (just down the road from Nashville) for FRESH- The Tennessee YOUTH Annual Conference. I'm leading two sessions at the conference- Discerning your spiritual gifts- which will be for the entire group, and then I'll be leading a small group on Social Activism. The cool thing is that as we end, we'll be overlapping with our Annual Conference. It should be a good weekend.



Will said...


Great stuff, bro!

St.Phransus said...

thanks will, i had a blast working on that one.


Eric Coomer said...

Really good song. We've got to get together to collaborate.