Thursday, June 02, 2005

New TreeFinger Track

I just posted 2 new tracks from my newest musical adventure- TreeFinger. You can visit the myspace site and listen or download the tracks right here: Homeward Bound, Blessed are the Peacmakers, Making Space, Trainwreck in the New City.


daniel greeson said...

hey jonathon,
this is daniel from the other night. i finally started using my blogger to blog. check it out. ( i see you are a radiohead fan, i love'em)

oh and Tony Jones is going to be in nashville in the fall, we should hook up with him for a drink or something.


postmodernegro said...


this is some beautiful music man. i might have to restrain myself from burning a copy. naw....i wouldn't do that to you. This is beautiful.


St.Phransus said...

no please, i put it on there for folks to download and use for worship- personal or corporate. go for it!!! i'm just glad people dig it.