Tuesday, February 07, 2006


If you head over to Gavin's blog, you may notice some strange guy filling in for him. Not to worry- Gavin's blog has not been hijacked or anything like that. Michael Williams, whom you've heard me write about on many occasions if you've been a faithful reader of the PofSP, is filling in for Gavin while Gavo is away at the Abby of Gethsemani on sabbath this week, chillin wit da monks.

Michael, who happens to be one of my closest friends (besides Gavo), and mentor is a wonderful writer, pastor/theologian, professor at Wesley Theological with their extension site here in Nashville, and senior pastor at First UMC Hendersonville, where Gavin is Youth Director. He happens to be at the Emergent Theological Conversation this week at Yale Divinity School soaking in Miroslav Volf. Check out what he has to say. Jay Voorhees is also there representin' the Metho/Mergent Bloggers in full fashion. Have fun guys, I wish I were there!!

One of the things that Michael quotes Volf saying that I love is, "Theology is how faith gets traction."

I've heard some methodist pastors who blog say things like- "so much talk about theology does nothing for us. what is needed in the methodist church is a return to a scripturally based church and pastors who are rooted in scripture." Although I agree with statements such as that as it relates to being scripturally rooted, I also think that in some ways that line of thinking is a cop out and lazy approach to what I think is a passion for most of us. Theology ought to be an exercise for all Christians that keeps us open to God's continuing revelation through scripture fresh and exciting for the Church.

Michael and Jay- have a great week and keep sharing what's going on!!!

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