Saturday, February 11, 2006


I know, I know I throw out a lot of theological ideas on my blog and many who come probably think- blah blah blah blah..... that's fun to think about but it really doesn't say anything practical in the REAL LIFE CHURCH.

I've thought alot about this over the last couple of days.

You know, you're right!! We don't need theology.... and we don't need, as Christians to learn to think theologically... and we don't need as Christians to be able to speak thelogical to one another IF:

Theology doesn't move from the head to the heart, doesn't move from thought to action; doesn't move us toward loving God more, doesn't move us toward loving our neighbor more, doesn't challenge us to move to a deeper faith and knowledge of God, ourselves and others; doesn't open up the possibility of the Kingdom of God NOW....

My hope here, even when I do a very poor job, is to spark a conversation, never a fight, to engage new friendships where they may not have existed before, to challenge myself and the friends who visit to not just accept the moden worldview of Church, faith and doctrine that was handed down by our liberal/conservative forefathers and mothers who have gifted us with a polarized worldview that is not as helpful for postmodernity.

So, yes, I DO BELIEVE THAT THEOLOGY IS IMPORTANT for ALL CHRISTIANS to engage in- not as an academic duty but as a communal practice that cultivates a deeper spiritual life and life with God. Scripture is sufficient, but theological conversation gives it the flavor and lens to engage it in community. That's why I write what I write.

Lord, may the words of my mouth
and the meditations of all of our hearts
be acceptable in your sight
Our strength and redeemer.



Kevin Rector said...

You know it's important to see also that for an intellectual person theological reflection can very much be a spiritual excersise.

An intellectual person can be drawn closer to God in a devotional sense by some good robust theological reflection. Miroslav Volf talked very briefly about this at the Emergent Theological Conversation this week when he was discussing his own spiritual disciplines.

Dale said...

Amen, bro.

I was thinking something similar when I made a post just now about how blogs have "opened" a lot of new dialogue about theological things, and when I typed the word "theological", the same sort of thoughts you just posted (and wrote very well of) flashed through my mind. Yes, theology as it is intended (and IS) is very much dependent on the communal reflection and conversation, and the neccessity of "rallying round" one another, knowing that we cannot overcome our various leanrned "dependencies and addictions to culture" without the "Good Company" of those so committed the same.


St.Phransus said...

thanks y'all for the affirmations. it is a spiritual discipline/practice for me. i need to read volf. i have several books and have thumbed through them but not buckled down.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Nice post. Although, I have a hard time with language that draws a strict dichotomy between the heart and head human beings. Nevertheless, as you point out theology is something that should be discussed and more importantly lived out by all Christians living in Christian Community (not just theologians). I think you hit that right on! I really appreciate this post.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I know to many people with good theology, but poor practice of it in real life. God help us all to grow, be open to change and most of all put our beliefs in practical service for the glory of God.

the reverend mommy said...


daniel greeson said...

i am reminded of our phone chat.

we pray and act as we believe.
theology has definitely for me given me the ability to critically think how myself and the church should act.
thanks jonathon for everything

the reverend mommy said...

btw, did you ever get a towel for that drool?