Sunday, October 08, 2006


(written on Friday evening)
Apparently Jay Voorhees is making quite the impression at COR this week, but not in the way that one might think. In the dark reaches of the basement where all us Emergent Wesleyans have been put there is another meeting going on. This one is much more sinister than the UMerging Colloquy.

So what is this group? The Mustache Fight Club!!! What are they fighting over you might be wondering. Well to put it lightly, one of the staches will come out on top in this over the top weekend brawl to be THE STACHE that resides on the baby face of Methodism's favorite emergent blogger.

So who will win? YOU DECIDE. Comment back your vote for which stache will win the title of "Dirk D." and call that baby face Jay Voorhees it's crib.

first up is the dali mustache

second we have the english stache

third is the fu-manchu

and the last contestant is the walrus stache worn by fred nietzsche

of course the reigning champion is the pencil style mustache currently known as Dirk D. but has found fame by such notables: Edgar Allen Poe and Marin Heidegger, and Ghandi.

Who will rise to the top (of the lip)? JAY WE ALL LOVE YOUR STACHE- DON'T CUT IT!! In this election- Your vote counts!!! Vote Green!!




Anonymous said...

I am pulling for the fu manchu! come on evil mustache jay! The Digler rides again!

gavin richardson said...

when jay hits puberty then maybe he can sport the walrus stache. that sucka is cool

St.Phransus said...

my vote is for the walrus stache- it is FLY!!!