Friday, October 27, 2006


Roberta Bondi on "Scripture narratives and The Church":
(taken from a transcript at a conference)
"We do tell the biblical stories differently from generation to generation because we never tell them without ... if we tell them truthfully without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is God speaking in each generation and in each time and in each place.

What do we do with questions like, "Don't you think we should be telling these stories, God said them, I believe them, that settles it?" That I would say we should ... we don't have any business saying that because the Bible is the book of the church, and it is interpreted by each time and each place with the help of the Holy Spirit and it's going to be different from time to time.

But we also ... human beings make up the church, and unless we are orthodox Christians, Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox, we have to say that the churches are also broken in the same way that individual human beings are broken. And maybe this isn't inappropriate if we think of the story of Jesus coming back to Thomas with the wounded hands and feet. You know, we're always wounded."

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