Monday, January 17, 2005



One of my New Year's Resolutions for this year is to be more intentional to do Bible Study as a spiritual practice with my youth group. We tackle hard issues of faith and culture, we worship, but Bible Study has not been quite as intentional. So I have basically mapped out a plan for the entire year, utilizing a series of resources put out by the Mennonites, called "Generation Y" Bible Studies;

From now to Lent we're doing a series on Matthew 5 called: Rocky Road: What can youth expect in a life of discipleship? This series explores the Sermon on the Mount under four main sections: the Beatitudes, Salt and Light, Jesus and the Law, and Heavenly Teachings.

During Lent we'll do a study on temptation and sin from Genesis and Luke called: THE SERPENT'S APPLE: Youth are wrestling with many temptations. Each session of this unit invites youth to explore different temptations they face, including the temptations to control, to grab power, to have sex, and to have wealth. It challenges them to overcome these temptations and find courage to be followers of Jesus.

During the Easter Season and Summer we'll be back in Matthew doing a study on "The Radical Rein"- the parables of Jesus: Jesus used parables to reveal what the kingdom of God is like, and how God relates to us. This study highlights how the parables reveal God's reign as radically different from the world we live in, and what that means for the Christian life.

In the Fall we're gonna do a study on Romans called "Morphed- New Life in Romans": For youth, there is an ongoing war between wanting to do good, and being able to do it. Paul faced the same problem, and wrote about it in his letter to the Romans. He outlined the problem and how Jesus is the answer. This study helps youth begin to reconcile the war of internal will.

Matthew is the main gospel used this year in the Revised Common Lectionary, along with Romans for the epistle reading, (
) so the kids will hopefully make some connections in worship with what we talk about on Sunday nights.

Can you tell that I'm excited about the experience we are going to share together this year? I'm typically not one to use much curriculum to plan programs, but if you are a youth pastor- check out the Generation Y series- it is SOLID!!! The Mennonites "got it goin' on"!
peace- jn.

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