Thursday, January 06, 2005


I came across this brand new worship resource in Cokesbury's catalog and I must say, it looks great. In fact I urge EVERYONE to just drop what you're doing and run out and pick one up (well, don't run out until April). And I hear the author is simply DASHING :) Posted by Hello


jay v. said...

Blatant self promotion. Oy!

Many congrats.


Kevin Rector said...

Is that you or some other Jonathon Norman? If that is you why haven't you ever told me about this?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, hey Kevin- I wrote a book. I guess I just didn't think about it when we've had such good discussions. But hey, oh yeah, I wrote a book and it's coming out in April :)


gavin richardson said...

so...when i am i going to get my complimentary friend copy for that great friend discount price?

St.Phransus said...

You are first on my list to get a copy gavo.


Kevin Rector said...

Wow, you wrote a book. How did you have time to write a book? I wish I wrote a book. That's just too dipity doopity cooooooooool.

I'm so cool cause now I'm friends with a real live author.

Eric Coomer said...

I'm there dude.

Hey, I wonder if I can still get my employee discount despite the fact I haven't worked at Cokesbury since October.

Hey, tell somebody at Abingdon to start a where you and the Worship Feast gang can post new ideas as they come.