Monday, January 31, 2005


THE WELL (worship/prayer center) AT PENUEL RIDGE Posted by Hello

Friday Gavin and met up at Penuel Ridge Retreat Center for a Sabbath day of prayer, and rest. It was nice.

I arrived at 9am, unloaded my stuff in the Howard Thurman cabin, where I was staying. Then I wandered to The Well, a contemplative circular prayer room for midday prayer. The well is a unique structure- made out of straw bales and stucko.

I hiked around the lake and began reading a wonderful book- "To Pray and To Love: Conversations on Prayer with the Early Church" by Roberta C. Bondi. This book became my focal point of conversation with God for the day. It is an absolutely beautiful book.

Gavin showed up and he went off to spend time doing afternoon prayers while I took a nap.

Later than evening we ate a nice meal in the main lodge- sandwiches, mac and cheese, grapes, and water.

Then we went and said evening prayer together in the well.

I stayed overnight in the cabin and continued a night of prayer and reading and woke up early and headed on my way.

Penuel Ridge was definitely a sacred place for me to Sabbath Friday. And I look forward to continuing this practice throughout the year.

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