Saturday, April 15, 2006


Let's just set the record straight. When we last left the ongoing story of the HFUMC/HUMC Youth Capers:
1. HFUMC had paid a visit to HUMC and stolen our "Y Guy"
2. HFUMC TRASHED our youth room
3. Left a pair of stinky sandels in the place of our Y Guy
4. Harrased our secretary as she chased them down the hall trying to save our poor helpless "Y Guy".

What transpired on Good Friday was nothing less of the true meaning of this solemn occasion- it was a politically charged non violent confrontation of standing up to the powers.

We had heard rumors... of mistreatment to our yguy (turned out to not be true- he was healthy and in good spirits).

I had been told by this youth group's charismatic and misguided youth leader that they had brainwashed "Y" and he was currently converted to Islam.

It was at that point that I knew our group had to act fast before we lost "Y" forever. So we did it, we made it into the youth area without a sole seeing us and we found "Y".

But then we had to do something to "bring to light" the violence that there group had done to our youth room and so we did the opposite- WE DID AN ACT OF PRESERVATION- we shrink wrapped their youth area. It was a nonviolent protest to say- WE ARE STEWARDS OF GOD'S CREATION... WE ARE STEWARDS OF THE CHURCH BUILDINGS WE USE AND EVERYTHING IN IT. We were not being malicious in any way, but trying to be prophetic in it's true sense.

We want the cycle of violence to end. In the words of John Lennon, "All we are saying (HFUMC), is give peace a chance".

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Mary Beth said...

I think Ghandi would be proud.

emily said...

good times.
= )

gavin richardson said...

you can't honestly believe the bs you are spewing out here jonathon. so let's correct the "straight record"

1. we were peace loving people who had something stolen from us first and then had nasty threats made unto us.
2. we moved your couches which are on wheels.. the trash was just stuff uncovered from beneath your couches (you should clean a little more regularly)
3. we did leave sandals as a sign of responsibility, they were plastic, i doubt they were stinky
4. we didn't harrass any secretary, we just took y-guy and left without saying a word. no one chased us down a hallway, the church office is right there in the front of the church.

please! stop telling lies! it doesn't do anything but hurt the little people

St.Phransus said...

perspective definitely plays a big role on who the peacemakers are living in the midst of empire.


and i suppose you all were planning a "peaceful" visit on sat.?

gavin richardson said...

did anything happen to you on saturday? no, so i'd say yes it was a peaceful visit. i was trying to make peace, but you live in a locked down compound keeping out all outsiders. might as well be a country club... while we at hfumc have an open door policy, we are open to those in need. yes, our Kingdom of God perspective gets taken advantage of by evil doers who steal and/or ransack our house of worship. however, we stand strong in that Christ calls us to be counter culteral against what the empire does and keep our doors open to others.

St.Phransus said...

well, we are hoping that our groups can walk a path towards healing and reconciliation and we have a peace offer to propose.

Thunder Jones said...

Gavo ought to go on a hunger strike until the YGuy is freed.