Friday, April 28, 2006


Jen and I, in the spur of the moment, packed our bags and with the kids headed out the door and are now in a motel room just outside South Pittsburg, TN. Why are we here in the middle of not too much? That's easy- THE NATIONAL CORNBREAD FESTIVAL.

We had never heard of the Cornbread Festival but when we discovered it online we just had to check it out. So tomorrow we'll mill around the downtown square of S. Pitts, sample lots of food, hopefully catch some good bluegrass music (that's why i wanted to come) and enjoy being away with the family in a small town. I love small town traditions!!! I'll post pics when I get home. Spur of the moment small town road trips have been part of Jen and my relationship since we were in college. It's fun for us to go and visit small towns that have a cool town square, good mom and pop diners, or quirky characters to them. Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia have some wonderful small towns to visit.

Would you believe that the motel we are staying in was the only one for 20 miles east or west that we could find that was available? When I checked us in I said to the clerk, "I didn't think we'd find a place to stay, everything seemed to be booked up." She replied, "you've never been to the Cornbread Festival have you? It's a big deal."

Who would ever imagine?

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Mary Beth said...

Ooh, I'm jealous! Jay and I really wanted to go to last year's Illinois State Fair to see the 500 pound cow sculpted from butter, but I was too pregnant to go. I hope you get to enjoy lots and lots of cornbread and some good small-town fun!

Mary Beth