Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Sold out? Am I selling out?
I'm not the one selling out
He's not as strong as I thought

Liberating? Not enough...
Healing the sick? They are still oppressed...
Eats with taxcollectors? They are as evil as the Romans...

Following the voice
He called and I wandered
Across the desert into mysterious unknown

I thought I was heading toward freedom
I thought he was the One...
The One that would bring order to our people's madness
The sadness I feel, Oh God why isn't he Your One?

It seemed so right
But now we are here
Tensions are high
As if they expect us to rise up
But he is not ready
It's clear that Rome has won today
Just like yesterday
and the day before...

But I can't sit back any longer
Rome will not steal from me any longer
I will not worship ceasar, my Lord
I will not let them rape our sisters any longer
I will not allow them to take what is ours any longer

And if this false prophet is not for us
Then obviously he is not for You...
I love him, but he is too dangerous to everyone...
I know what I have to do... Lord please deliver us from this madness
I pray for your shalom soon

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