Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Philadelphia Inquirer: "Episcopal priest leaves for Druids."

An Episcopal priest who resigned from a Downingtown church last fall after his ties to a Druid society were made public has renounced his Episcopal ordination and become a Druid priest.

W. William Melnyk, former rector of St. James' Episcopal Church, has formed the Llynhydd Grove of the Druid Order of the Yew, which he is leading under his Druid name, OakWyse.

In a phone interview yesterday, Melnyk called his move "a joyous occasion."


This simply opens the door for me to pursue my desire to be ordained a garden gnome... whoo hoooo!!!!

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gavin richardson said...

in the world of stphransus's garden you are the hero gnome. as ordained methodist are you pastor of king frog and baptism sprinkler to flowers?