Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Prayer for Forgiveness

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Lord forgive us for we don't know what we're doing...

to the land, our land
our children's land
our children's children's land
oceans, waters, earth, soil, air, animals...

Lord forgive us for we don't know what we're doing...

we consume, and sleep... sleep and consume
taking what we want...
turning our eyes away from need
lifting hands to fill our pockets
fill our dreams
fill our desires
sending our souls into bankruptcy

Lord forgive us for we don't know what we're doing....

we want revenge when we are hurt
we want an eye for an eye
sometimes we want a life for an eye
or at least an eye for a life
whatever it is- we want something to be done
to erase the pain, the hurt, the violence, the bloodshed
but peace does not send me to that place...
of healing, wholeness... peace is too hard.... to impractical

Lord forgive us for we don't know what we're doing...

we've forgotten our stories
we don't look at the family pictures anymore
we forget Your story
the redemption that followed
the peace that you offered
the healing that came
you changed our names but we forgot how to spell them
forgot how to say them
still going by the same names...
it's just easier that way

So in this day of
hate and violence
spiritual and social amnesia

Forgive us when we stray or fall or do harm to you or neighbor....
and continue to use us as blessings, despite ourselves.


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