Saturday, April 16, 2005


A brother asked, "I have found a place where my peace is not disturbed by thebrethren; do you advise me to live there?" Abba Poemen replied, "The place for you is where you will not harm the brothers."

A couple of months ago I went to one of my favorite retreat centers to “get away” for a day. When I got there I was so excited for a break- a break from life. I brought my Bible, and a couple of books that I had planned to read while there. After a few hours the excitement began to wear off. I felt kind of alone, a little lonely and my mind began to wander to thoughts of things that I had left undone back home.

Something that I realized was that as much as I desire solitude and silence in my life- I also need the voices, stories, love and affirmation of friends and family. With that comes conflicts, stress, and disagreements. That’s the part I wanted a retreat from. But one can’t have a retreat from the conflicts without retreating from the affirmation and love of others.
When I left the retreat center I left a changed person. I was ready to be back with those I cared for, and minister with- I was ready for both the stories and affirmations and the conflict and stress that life brings.

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gavin richardson said...

excellent thoughts.. wasn't i a part of that boredom on spiritual retreat? our room didn't look like that picture.