Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What Are These People Saying?

GW: So Bono, my wife thinks your hair is hot. I'm thinkin' bout getting me one of those rock n roll hairdews. What's your opinion?

Bono: The hair will work if you get the sunglasses too....

Bob G: It's exactly what you need Mr. President to get your ratings up with the young people.

Laura: I agree, and plus you'd be really hot!

GW: Then it's settled! Laura, have Dick call my barber and tell him that I want one of 'dem there Bono hair cuts.

Bono: But Mr. President, what are we going to do about all the poverty in Africa and the third world?

GW: This reminds me of an ole' sayin that my grandpa used to say on the farm.... "if the beans don't bite then it's time to burn the bacon."

Bono: Huh?

GW: Don't mess with Texas!! Ye yeah!

What do you think they are saying in the picture? Post your ideas here on the "Beliefnet" website, or just leave a comment at my blog.


gavin richardson said...

gw: so mr. bona, why don't you have one of those spectabulous suits like bg?


gw: so bono, is this your dad?
bono: no he's keith richards brother.
gw: ah, he's so funny with that piano
bg: sir, that's little richard you are talking about & bono was making a joke.
gw: hehehehehe, you guys are halarias. i think you can introduce my family at the next republican conventian.
laura: yes, we've agreed the girls are not doing any more comedy routines.

Zoomdaddy said...

I can't believe Bob Geldof looks so ancient. Who'da thunk we'd see the day when rock and/or roll would become the nostalgic backdrop for a bunch of gray balding fat guys.