Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Youth Pastor and the Summertime = BUSY!!!

Well so far it's been a wild Summer. I've been horrible about neglecting the blog- but if you know the life of a youth pastor then you probably know that this is THE BUSIEST season of the year!!! I've had every intention to sit and write lately, but catching my breath seems to be more important at this point.

Mt. TOP was great- and I did journal about it my experience every day which will be my next several posts.

This week Jen and I are on holiday at St. George Island, FL. It is absolutely georgious. I'm really sorry that I haven't been blogging lately, but between reading for my summer grad class and youth stuff- there's not much time. I'll write when I can. I HAVE BEEN READING all the blogs that I subscribe to (you know who you are- well most of you do).

Later all,


c said...

St. George Island is sweet. My in-laws go there every summer. Hopefully we'll make it later in August. Enjoy.

the reverend mommy said...

I love to be at St. George. Eat at the Blue Parrot. It's traditional -- the resturant has been there forever.
And the state park is well worth the trip -- much less crowded beaches.

Boy, I would rather be there than here right now.

Kevin Rector said...

Ordinary time... my foot. Summer is anything but ordinary for a youth pastor.

Anonymous said...

Spent a great time on St.George Island for a whole summer. We had the very High Tech looking house towards the end of the island to the west, Right next to Rebas. Great place.

Scott Ringo

Coffee For One


postmodernegro said...


I'll pray for your strength in the Lord.


gavin richardson said...

yall don't be fooled by the wiley stphransus, my sources say that he's been spending money at the casino's in tunica. busy my a$$. &:~D

St.Phransus said...

blastit gavo- you found me out!!!