Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last night I was surfing around on the net (not uncommon for me) and I came across MATISYAHU, a hasidic reggae artist. Yes, that's right- A HASIDIC JEW WHO HAPPENS TO BE A REGGAE ARTIST. And, HE'S GREAT!!!

I downloaded a live show and instantly was blown away by the music. He is extremely talented and brings in a flavor from his heritage along with some pretty kickin' musicians backing him. I then watched a video of his and it was great!!! He's all decked out in orthodox clothing, sporting the beard and traditional garb while throwning out some killer lyrics inspired by Torah!!!

Check Matisyahu out right here and I hope you get hooked like I did. I found out that he came to Nashville not too long ago and played at the Exit Inn. Oh well, maybe I'll catch him next time.

Watch Video

Download live show, 9-24-05, san diego (legal download) songs are in .flac format and have to be converted to mp3.

"Combining the sounds of Bob Marley and Shlomo Carlebach, yet remaining wholly original, Matisyahu's performance is an uplifting, powerful experience for all in his presence. " from his "myspace" site


Eric Lee said...

My roommate has been jammin' to his stuff for a few weeks now. He's mega-talented and his stuff is super fun to listen to.



gavin richardson said...

what happened to 'eric coomer eat your heart out'

daniel greeson said...

i was inspired by gavin and yourself to listen to him today...

ive been enjoying his tunes for awhile..

when i celebrated the jewish new year with the group up here some of the college guys were upset they missed him in nashville