Friday, October 28, 2005


There's been some wonderful discussion concerning the way we as Christians view scripture. You may want to check out these blogs to see what all the talk has been about:

Gavin blogged on his understanding of scripture, how it has changed over time, and how it relates to the tradition, reason, and experience.

Craig Moore has blogged about biblical inspiration. He deals with the authority of scripture and whether the church allows scripture to be the authority over it or if the church will accomodate culture and allow itself to be shaped by it.

Lenny wrote on how it is important to to consider the context when studying scripture.

Jason of Knowblogyet wrote about the value of communal exegesis of biblical texts.

At my blog I've been talking about how some are viewing scripture in such a way that we move away from the labels of conservative and liberal and claim scripture as The Story that shapes us as a people. Read part 1 Read part 2

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Zoomdaddy said...

Had a chance to look your blogs. Some good fodder for thought.

I like Gavin's stress on mystery and relationship with the Bible. I think it helps us guard against pride.

I like Craig's clarity on authority and inspiration, and I generally agree with him.

I read my blog again, and thanks the good question, Gavin.

I read Jason's blog, and I was a bit confused, though I am favor of Christians doing theology in community. Maybe I need to see an example of the difference between "communal exegesis" versus "point/counterpoint."

I know I have my questions and critiques, but I wanted to put up as positive a comment as I could, because I appreciate you guys and the thoughts you contribute as we converse along the journey to Zion.