Monday, November 28, 2005


Ok, so this is not my regular kind of post. So tonight Jen looks at me from her daily online sweepstaking ventures (yes I said it- i blog and she does sweepstakes) and she says, "hey I entered Jonas and Abby in a holiday photo contest. Can you tell all your blogging friends to go and vote for them?"

So I said, "Honey, you know that I dont use my blog for shameless exploitation of our adorable children. My blog is a venue for serious deep theological thought. There's no way in Hades that I'll write a post that promotes the commericalization of our children!"

....I'm so glad my wife and I are on the same page.....

So hey everyone!!! Jonas and Abby are in this really neat holiday photo contest and Jen and I would love it if you went to this website and voted for them. Check it out here.

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