Friday, November 11, 2005

ON THIS DAY... Friday Nov. 11

WE REMEMBER...Martin of Tours

Martin of Tours is known by the name of the French diocese of which he became bishop in 372, but his earlier life was spent in the Roman army. It was in that context that he is said to have given half of his cloak to a beggar and subsequently had a vision of Christ. He founded the first monastery in Gaul and set about spreading the Gospel to the surrounding countryside. He strongly opposed the Church establishment’s way of dealing with heretics (those who don't believe in traditional religious doctrine) by violence. His monastery seems to have been a stopping-off point for missionary travellers to and from Scotland and there are many place names which incorporate his name. He died in 397.


Ciona said...

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate learning this history from your blog. Good to see you last night, DJ Jazzy Jonathan!

monkey czar said...

And to expand a little on Martin's cloak, this from the Army's chaplain school

"A fourth century legend held that a pagan Roman soldier called Martin of Tours encountered a beggar shivering from the cold and gave him part of his military cloak. That night he had a vision of Christ dressed in the cloak. As a result, Martin was converted to Christianity. He devoted his life to the church, and after his death was canonized. Martin of Tours later became the patron saint of France and his cloak, now a holy relic, was carried into battle by the Frankish kings. This cloak was called in Latin the "cappa". Its portable shrine was called the "capella" and its caretaker priest, the "cappellanus". Eventually, all clergy affiliated with military were called "capellani," or in French "chapelains", hence chaplains."

St.Phransus said...

it seems appropriate to feature martin of tours on veterans' day, eh?

i didn't plan it that way- it's his feast day.