Friday, November 18, 2005


Well today was a pretty fun day. I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with some pretty cool people doing what I really enjoy- set up an area for creative prayer.

The Youth Specialities Convention has hit Nashville and so all weekend, through monday, nashville will host those quirky fun loving church leaders called YOUTH PASTORS.

So I showed up at the convention center and met up with my good friends- jay and gavin and also made new friends- lily, jerilyn, and jeannie. Together we transformed nooks and crannies on the bottom floor into creative prayer stations.

i leave tomorrow for my last retreat with blakemore/west nashville. jen, jonas and abby will be coming along too for the west nashville umc fall retreat. so i won't actually be able to make the rest of the youth specialites convention- so gavo, jay, and friends- have a great time.

although, i think jonas and i will be crashing lily's workshop on monday morning at 9am- "how to create experiential worship in an airplane hanger". now doesn't that sound like fun!!!

shalom all,

(2nd picture borrowed w/out permission from; thanks gavo)


Willie said...
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Zoomdaddy said...

crazy youth pastors

Eric Lee said...

Crazy PayDay loans... :(

gavin richardson said...

just consider blanket permission for you.

lilly said...

it was so great to meet you! and to have you smiling on the front row on monday! loved meeting jonas too!
thanks so much for all your help setting up! it was a real gift to me and to the conference. hope the retreat went well and that you get some rest over this week!