Sunday, November 06, 2005

ON THIS DAY... Sunday Nov. 6

TODAY WE REMEMBER... St. Leonard (not Nimoy)

Leonard was a sixth century French nobleman who became a hermit in the Limoges area, whose austere yet genuine lifestyle attracted others to join him.

Leonard: patron saint of prisoners

Regarded as the patron saint of prisoners, after a special affection for them evident from an early age, in art he is usually portrayed holding chains or manacles. He is also the patron saint of midwives and expectant mothers, after a hunting incident involving King Theodebart and his pregnant Queen Misigard. His reward was enough land on which to expand the future Benedictine monastery of Noblat. Returning crusaders, bringing with them experience of imprisonment, illness and setback, brought also knowledge of the cult of Leonard who had become associated with the care and healing of those in extreme ned and his name became attached to hospitalsand hostels for pilgrims.

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