Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Last Thursday I met with our Jedi Council, the Nashville District Committee on Ordained Ministry. As of Thursday I am now a certified candidate. It was a very good meeting (much better than the meeting in the fall).

So now I am waiting to be in touch with my DS to see if I will be able to be appointed to Hermitage UMC (my current church where I am on staff as the youth and young adult pastor) as a licensed local pastor with responsibilities for Youth and Young Adults.

Also another update- I spoke with the admissions department at Sewanee School of Theology about the possibility of transferring from Trevecca. Sewanee is an episcopal divinity school. My main reason for wanting to transfer is that they offer a Masters of Divinity degree and are recognized by the United Methodist University Senate. Also, I think that Sewanee would be a great fit for me. Lots to do before Annual Conference!


Elizabeth said...

Congrats! (And nice pic)

gavin richardson said...

nice image bro. congrats!

DogBlogger said...

Whoo-hoo, Jonathon!!!!

jim said...


I like the thought of Sewanee.I've also thought about that, but I think Asbury will stick for me.

I am interested to hear about your LtP--I'm in a similar situation there, too.

All in all, the UMC will strong with folks like you in the pastorate. Cheers.

TN Rambler said...

Congratulations. Hope you can be appointed to serve where you are. Sewanee is a good school and would be a great fit for your MDiv.


Andrew C. Thompson said...

Congratulations. That's a real milestone. God's blessings on you and your family.ac

the reverend mommy said...


Mary Beth said...

Congratulations Jonathan! That's wonderful news! I know you're not the only one who wants you to be appointed to Hermitage!

I have a friend here whose husband went to Sewanee and really loved it. Hope that works out for you!

Rev. J said...

Congrats on taking a step forward on the long journey of ordination. May your three years in ministry be fruitful and spirit lead.

David said...

Way to Go!!!

Let the church beware...change is a-comin'


St.Phransus said...

haha!! thanks for the affirmation y'all!! i won't lie that it has been a long journey (insert "process" for journey when cynical jonathon emerges)that has been VERY up and down.

god has been there every step with me and and i have seen god's face through you all over the last couple of years. i love y'all.


revabi said...

I am so glad to hear this. Sweet.

John said...

Congratulations! It's about time that the Conference recognize your extraordinary gifts.