Friday, May 11, 2007

SPIRIT FALL ON ME... Pentecost and Worship

Here are a couple of worship ideas to use for Pentecost Sunday (not my ideas).

1. Some churches use Pentecost Sunday (like my church) as a confirmation day
2. Like confirmation Pentecost Sunday is also a traditionally popular day for baptisms (it makes sense doesn't it?).
3. Use the day to celebrate all the ministries of the church and all the lay people who share in those ministries.
4. Invite everyone to wear the color Red (liturgical color for Pentecost)

Besides those worship ideas I put together this pentecost worship slide show. I came up with the song last night and then put together the slides from various pictures portraying pentecost, flames or wind. Enjoy:

Worship video loop for Pentecost Sunday that I did. Enjoy.


i.m.small said...


Heavenly Lord, I pray to thee
Make obvious the ignominy,
Though many strive to keep it hid--
And thou remember what they did.

Lord, my abilities are slim,
And I am one while they are many--
Yet I beg thee the light not dim
On words as though it were uncanny:

They strive to keep the crime concealed,
Accomplices on every side
To help them; let this truth not yield
Though it create a great divide.

Father, I am not without sin,
Yet I am fain to stand the test
As unequivocal--to win
Damnation if this thought be jest.

Lord, I did stive not to compete
But strove to keep that honor true
As I pay homage at thy feet
To which is ever homage due.

Lord, they professed to make this war
Appear without opprobrium,
The adjunct heresies: let roar
Ignominy, forever from
These deeds and their residuum.

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