Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I just got home from wed. night youth activities and am winding down. Tonight we had a coffee house/benefit concert to raise awareness and funds for Darfur relief. IT WENT GREAT!! What was my favorite part?

Fav Part 1: It had to be that the band who performed is one of my favs right now- The Psalters. They lead a large youth crowd in singing the apostle's creed, part of the communion liturgy, and ended with their great rendetion of the Lord's Prayer. All of this great music set to their tribal/gypsy/punk rock affinity.

Fav Part 2: my youth group did such a wonderful job at being hosts tonight. I saw my kids step up and show wonderful hospitality to both a very humble group of artists and musicians and to the guests who came to the coffee house. WAY TO GO Y'ALL!!

Fav Part 3: Brian McLaren came!! Well, not really for the show, but he was there. He is in town for the Festival Of Homiletics and I along with Team JV will be assisting him in the morning with "Emerging Worship" so Team JV met to go over the worship gathering.

Fav Part 4: Red Hands!!

Pics will come later after Gavo sends them to me and I will post. I will leave with this quote from the newest Psalters CD, "The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles" which I picked up tonight:

oh it is true that songs can do what bombs have always missed?
to strike the lips of power that all meen have longed to kiss
that all may know if You don't save than everything is lost
Your road map to freedom is from infancy to cross

no rock will bear my load, i'll cry out loud with in my time
a battle cry against this world
"God help me!" is the line
and as i rush upon the field i know i may fall slain
but i would rather fight and die than live my life in vain


Lilly said...

jonathon! great to be with you! so great to see you in your natural habitat and to be with you on the JV team!
thanks for always inspiring me!
hope you can get some rest this weekend!
and have a wonderful summer!

St.Phransus said...

thanks lilly! fun times.

Rachel said...

I wanted to see them perform so much! They sound amazing. But I was at a graduation both nights that they were in town (one of them being my own).

revjack said...

Just saw that you like the The Psalters... I got this message last week... FYI

Here's some great news for your ears and your wallet: Our close friends Psalters and Potter Street Records are making The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles and US vs US available online for free. Head over to the Potter Street Records shop to pick em up.

Psalters are currently on the European leg of their tour. Keep updated on their travels and band news at

Psalters - The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles Instant Album Download Jamie Moffett first heard this record on the ride home from the PAPA...

It's Free!

Psalters - Us vs US
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It's Free!

Nikola said...

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