Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have not been blogging too much lately which is understandable. Wearing the "youth pastor cap" I have a crazy busy summer coming up and still lots to get done before hand... wearing the "daddy cap" I have felt the urgency of wanting to do some extra stuff with Jonas and Abby before summer hits- for instance tonight we went to our neighborhood library for "night time stories and lullabyes along with milk and cookies" which was really nice (especially the cookies and milk. Of course the "hubby cap" has almost been worn now for 11 years (15 more days) and with summer approaching I am wanting to be present more. And obviously the caps go on and on....

Besides the caps that I wear I have several books I'd like to get through- such as one that I'm really enjoying that is on the philosophy/theology of Alasdair MacIntyre.

But one of the projects going on right now that I'm really enjoying is preparing electronica/ambient tracks for an emerging style worship gathering led by Brian McLaren and some fellow bloggers. It will be during the Festival of Homiletics and Brian will be preaching this particular service. I will be acting as the monastic dj- spitting out crazy ambient soundtrack music along with gavo as the monastic vj- giving visual ambience to the sounds. It should be pretty cool.

So here is a worship track I put together not for the emerging worship event, but just for... whatever. It is for the first sunday of pentecost.

Feel free to download it:

Ad Pedes Spiritus (Spirit Fall To Our Feet)


"Spirit- fall on me; Spirit fall on me"

What is Pentecost?


the reverend mommy said...

I would love to meet all the cool people.... look for me, I'll be the uncool one with the Birkis


although I must say that I'm feeling pretty emergent sharing communion in a bar.

St.Phransus said...

and that communion lunch box was pretty emergent too!! :) I'VE GOTTA FIND ONE!!

Mary Beth said...

Bah! I was going to go but can't. Bah again.

Nikola said...

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