Wednesday, March 02, 2005


We Wesleyans love the phrase- "how is it with your soul?". In his article, "How is it with your soul" Keith Matthews writes about the Renovare community started by Quaker author Richard Foster. For those of us in the Wesleyan tradition, where living out our faith is done through participating in specific Christian practices (Wesley called this the Means Of Grace), Renovare is a great resource for the emerging methodist church.

In his article, Matthews states, "Perpetual spiritual infancy does not please God nor does it honor Christ," says Richard Foster, founder of the spiritual formation movement Renovaré. "The fact is," continues theologian and Renovaré team member Dallas Willard, "our existing churches and denominations do not have active, well-designed, intently pursued plans to accomplish discipleship in their members..." to read the rest of the article click here


Kevin Rector said...

I have been evolvling my Sunday School class from a simple bible study group into one that is like what they describe as a "spiritual formation group". One of the key elements is accountablility. The first thing we do on Sunday is to go around the classroom and I ask each of them how their week has been. I think I will begin asking the more pointed question, "how is it with your soul". After all, I'm a Wesleyan too.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I used the word "Wesleyan" and not methodist. Being at Trevecca has shown me how close our sibling traditions are.


Kevin Rector said...

Isn't having siblings great. Sometimes you bicker, but mostly it's all love.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, that is maybe the most profound comment that I've heard to date within the context of Christian dialog. Thanks.


gavin richardson said...

aw, arn't you guys cute. now jonathon, if you were in classes this semester you and kevin could hug. i guess i am a sibling too, i just havn't been one to bicker.

Anonymous said...

but you are a hugger.