Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another Night of Connection Over

Another day of Connection is almost complete. I am dddddrrrained. Our evening service tonight was great. Dayton Edmonds spoke and he did a fabulous job. Of course the worship space looked terrific (why wouldn't it since the worship team, myself included, are complete worship geeks).

Gavin has done a terrific job with the WORSHIP FEAST ROOM, which is an interactive contemplative prayer room.

Stephen Lee is our music leader for the week and he is amazing, too. He has written songs for the Youth Ministry Spirituality Project.

Like I posted earlier, this morning we dealt with the theme of "Beloved", picking up on the baptism of Jesus story.

This evening our theme was "What do these stones mean?" Dayton Edmonds, a native american pastor, talked about the need for us to pass the stories of our faith on to youth- "my story, your story, God's story, Creation's story = OUR STORY. It was wonderful.

I'll share some more tonight.


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gavin richardson said...

i posted pictures of connection that you might want to take a look at. connection05