Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wow, I'm stressed

Wow, this has been a super duper crazy hectic week. Sorry I haven't posted lately. Connection is taking up too much time, there's extra studying that I'm fitting in for no apparent reason except that I'm a real dork like that, youth group stuff, family, blah blah blah.

Keep me prayers for this week to come to an end.

"Gracious God, lay your hands upon me this day."



SLY said...

Hang in there man, I'm with you in the stress department. I hope Connection goes well, I had to choose just one for the spring, so I picked Emergent instead.

Peace be with you...

gavin richardson said...

dude, why are you taking your stress out on one of jonas's toys? i hope he didn't cry cause dad when psycho on his stuff.

i'm with you on the connection. so if you stress, i'll be there to tell ya to chill out.. or just go get some happy hour drinks with.

Jay said...

Well I am not going to Connection, but I will be more than willing to hit the happy hour with you to chill out.