Friday, March 11, 2005


So yesterday I went to Cokesbury bookstore looking for Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction by Heather Webb, which I bought. When I walked in I saw my good friend Eric Coomer standing in line with a book.

I went up to him and he had MY BOOK!! I didn't think it was supposed to be out for another month, but apparently it's in stores early. So apparently Eric may be the FIRST PERSON to buy the book. THANKS ERIC!!!! I hope its both helpful prayerful.

Wow I should give you some kind of prize. I could give you my 3 year old son to entertain you for a day. You can start the morning playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Then it's Dora the Explorer Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch. After lunch you can cuddle up and nap together (he always naps at 1pm), then it's playtime with his star wars action figures. After that I'm sure he'd love to sit and watch Blues Clues or Code Name Kids Next Door. Just let me know.

So, I'm really excited to see the book in a bookstore and I hope it does well.

shalom all,


Eric Coomer said...

Well, the book is great! But I think I'll pass on the prize for now. I'm sure my wife would love it though.

Anonymous said...

You're missing out man. Offer's good through his 8th grade year. ha ha.


gavin richardson said...

eric, hold onto that offer, when he's in 8th grade you can get him to mow your lawn.

SLY said...

Actually got my copy in the mail from Cokesbury on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Awesome John! I hope it is a blessing for you and your youth group.


gavin richardson said...

hey!! when do i get my complimentary friend copy?

gavin richardson said...

as identified by tallskinnykiwi, you broke sin #1.
I have written out 7 Deadly Sins that 'evangelical bloggers' should avoid:

1. Using your blog to pimp your books or yourself as a conference speaker. The words “Click Here and Check Out Our MP3 Shopping Cart” should not be the first words to appear on your blog.


Kevin Rector said...

Bought my copy today. Can't wait to read it, but I'm going to have to. At least until my mandatory reading for school is finished.

Anonymous said...

Happy reading Kevin. Actually, happy writing, seeing as how it's that part of the semester.