Sunday, March 05, 2006

Michael O'Hara

Yesterday evening a friend and member of Blakemore UMC whom I have grown to absolutely love and adore over the last 5 years passed away. Michael O'Hara lived a wonderful life and has struggled over the last few with cancer. Please keep his wife, Rita, and son, Brian (who is a senior in high school) in prayers. Over the last few years we at Blakemore walked alongside Michael, Rita and Brian, as much as we could- and it has been a real roller coster ride.

Michael, even in his weakness found it within his amazing spirit to write every few days an update to those who were concerned for him and let us know what was going on. He has been an inspiration.

Here is a part of an update that Michael wrote almost a year ago:

Friday, April 22, 2005
"Well Gracious Good Morning,
As another week rolls around to the weekend, a welcome rain
comes to wash away some of the pollen and
bring a refreshing drink to all of mother natures new growth. It is so refreshing to see
the flowers and trees budding out and blooming, as dogwood winter now passes with last week, I suppose this week will be blackberry winter for all those that follow all the little
mini winters and the story of the great persimion seed. As
I am upright and breathing and giving thanks
for another day, counting my blessings of all I
am thankful for, rejoicing in the Lord and all
of the prayers that has me where I am today!
Yesterday it was back to the clinic for blood
and lab work, and to see if I would be able to
get the chemo, as it has been six weeks since
I have had my last chemo treatment. As I was
quite concerned that protocall of the study I
am in, says that you can not go three weeks
between treatments or you are dropped out of
the study. Well yesterday it was three weeks!
For some reason, even after getting the blood
transfusion last week, my blood counts were
lower than last week, yes that means I did not
get the chemo. I was told that I was not out of
the study, and also found out that I am not
alone in this situation of counts going down
and no one knows why, there are others in the
study who I found out yesterday are facing the
exact same thing I am facing. It seems that my
counts are falling backwards again, and my
platelets are back down where they are concerned
about me getting a bruise and bleeding internally,
and my white counts and red cells are following
suit going down. Ummm? So as I continue to
walk by faith and not by sight, I leave it all in
God hands and make the most of the day that I
have been blessed with. This does explain, even
after the blood transfusion last week, why I am so
darn tired. It is truly ironic, as I went to the clinic
yesterday, feeling pretty good, I didn't expect
my counts to still be down and that I wouldn't get
the chemo. So again, postponed, as I go back to the
doctor next Tuesday and find out what is going on
and where do we go from here. It is a shame that
my body is not taking advantage of this down time
to regain strength, but with the blood counts going
down, it is just the opposite, just tired and getting
weak. So I will continue on in Faith and keep all
of you posted and in my prayers. You know that
this is the strange thing about cancer and the
treatments is that no one knows why things like
this happen, it is almost like it has a mind all of
it's own. But Thank God for my faith, because
Christ has already won the battle and my life has
already been so blessed by his healing hands and
I know he will continue in his mercy and God's
grace. So there you have it, this weeks fettle, um?
What you say is fettle? Well as I tell my son never
stop learning and this would be like the word of
the day, Fettle; means condition or the state of. So
now that you know my fettle, may God bless and
Lord Jesus Christ bless you with a wonderful week-
end and the rest of today, for sure. Keep a smile
on your face and one in your heart.
With many blessings and thankful for all,

Brian and Rita- you and family are in my prayers.


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