Friday, March 24, 2006


Jaroslav Pelikan on contemporary cultural expressions of creeds:

Out of a number of countries--Ghana, Madagascar, China--has come the effort to express in their own language the faith that they have together, to do it with their own cultural setting and vocabulary. Out of that have come reunions and their own fresh way of stating the faith. That's a very hopeful sign. My favorite is the Masai Creed.

Here in Africa, suddenly these new Christian believers--reading the gospels and receiving their faith and having to fight the hyenas around them--suddenly they read that Jesus was buried in a rock tomb, rather than underground as we bury, to keep the wild animals away. In none of these other creeds had anyone ever said anything about his being buried in a rock tomb. Suddenly "and the hyenas did not touch his body." That Jesus was "always on safari."

Things got a little hairy in my life this week as I took on the role as leader of an extremist metho-terror organization and got caught up in a small war. So my "week with" series will be pushed into next week now.


Zoomdaddy said...

To the Masai creed, amen, even the hyenas.

To Jonathon, "metho-terrorism"? I know some of my charismatic friends that believe in the "five-fold ministry" with the "laying on of hands" (picture the fist in pacifist). Is your jihad along the same vein?

St.Phransus said...

that's right!! i'm storming the land with healing and love- killin' with kindness!!! :)