Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Y" Us?

(Notice the image to the left is not a real picture of the "Y GUY" who is our symbol of hospitality at HUMC.)

Yesterday morning I returned to the church after having been to a funeral. Something just did not seem right as I walked through the door. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but there was definitely something different.

Carolyn, one of our church office assistants came to me almost hysterical. "They took him!! They took him!!!", is all she could say over and over. I turned around and looked to the spot where "Y Guy" is always standing and sure enough- HE WAS GONE!!! And there laying in his place where a pair of old sandles.

I was appalled!! I mean sure, last week some of my youth and myself happened to be in Hendersonville hanging out and having a picnic. While out we began a conversation about how our Y-Guy is such a special part of our lives and how we have also noticed that YG has not seemed like himself lately. Someone suggested that maybe we should pick up YG's twin over at Hendersonville First UMC and let them spend some time together. It seemed like a great idea and just the right prescription for a depressed YGuy. And so we did it. And sure enough our YGuy was thrilled and seemed more like his old self.

You must know that our YGuy is ALWAYS at the front entrance of HUMC with a smile on his face waiting to greet whomever comes through the door. He shows no favortism to anyone but is always ready to extend the love of Christ to all. He is the silent servant who is always willing to hold signs, give directions or be the backdrop of some wild picture with friends. But now when people come to HUMC they are greeted by an old pair of sandles that some renegade disolutioned youth leader and his band of misguided (possibly brainwashed) youth have left behind.

So to the youth of Hendersonville UMC, we of Hermitage UMC want to say,

We love you.... you are our brothers and sisters. And we are sorry that you have been misguided by a charismatic yet renegade youth leader. He has filled you with a fabricated story about how we "kidnapped" your YGuy and held him ransom. The truth is that we had the most sincere of intentions and never meant to cause a conflict between anyone. We only wanted to try and make our YGuy feel better. Now you have taken him and we are afraid that if he is not returned he will become increasingly sick and increasingly dangerous. You have the power to stand up to your youth pastor and say, "we will not be a part of the tyranny any longer."

We are on your side and will help any way that we can. In fact if you give us our YGuy back, we'll not only be able to get him the treatment that he needs, but we'll be willing to help you get your youth leader the treatment that he needs so that he will not be inclined to make up crazy tales of youth groups breaking in to your youth room and taking things for ransom- HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Please let us know how we can help, and let's restore order out of this madness and bring those REALLY responsible to justice. We're on your side.

Jonathon and the HUMC Youth


Anonymous said...

Looks like it is my turn to pray for you and your kids and the safe recovery of your y-guy.

This post was the best thing I've read all day and I now am thinking about Dolphin Therapy for myself.

Seriously though, thank you for your prayers for me and the youth that I served at Middleville UMC. I don't know if it was clear in that post (probably because I started writing about 2am) but it has actually been about 2 1/2 years. I still hear from some of the students ocasionally. It has just been really bothering me lately how many of the students who once attended do not go to church anywhere anymore. I was glad to hear that someone besides me was keeping them in prayer for a few days. Many of them were from families that did not regularly attend church so I'm not sure there is much family praying for them to return to the fold or anything.

Anyhoo, thanks much

gavin richardson said...

you are a sad sad man trying to turn my youth against me. i suppose the picking up a friend to hang out with also has to do with ransom notes, pictures of hostage situations... are you really believing your own spin?

radical youth pastor says "be wary of the kool-aid this week.. muuhahhhaahah!"

St.Phransus said...

i don't know what you're talking about... ;)

SLY said...

As a former youth leader at Hermitage, a fellow youth pastor and friend, i'm praying for you Hermitage!! If you need some support from the mountains of NC, just give a shout and we'll load up the trusty old bus and bring in the troops.

Johnathan "J2" said...

well you knew it was coming and im with gavin, i saw the letters and pictures now we have him and the y guys love it here.

emily said...

we never wrote ransom notes or pictures...

you and gavin must be imagining things

beware revenge...