Wednesday, May 10, 2006


... has drawn to a close. Last week I completed the last of my papers for Patristics: the first 600 years of church history; and Theories of Atonement. Both were good classes and I'm glad they are over. I am not planning on taking summer classes.

However, Licensing School is quickly approaching (May 21-27) and there's lots to write for that, including:
1. A 3-5 page sermon that I have to be ready to preach at the school
2. A Reflection paper on the book of Nehemiah and how it can inform ministry in the 21st century
3. 3-4 essays related to two different reading assignments: one deals with the Mccabean War and the other is a simulation of receiving an appointment in a small town rural church
4. Prepare an order of worship from start to finish

Although none of these assignments seem to be too difficult, the difficulty will obviously lie in trying to get it all done in time. Please keep my procrastinating self in your prayers.



TN Rambler said...

May your licensing school experience be as rich and fulfilling as mine was. Over 3 weekends during a 2 month period, 32 folks from diverse backgrounds and experiences throughout the Holston conference became a family. In doing so, we formed bonds that allowed us to dialog with one another...something our church desperately needs. You and all of your classmates will be in my prayers.


St.Phransus said...

thanks wayne. i appreciate it. i'm really excited about it.


the reverend mommy said...

Yeah, licensing school was great -- mine was a bit stressful, as we did it in 5 10 to 12 hour days at Simpsonwood, but it was great.

Have fun!

Mary Beth said...

Congrats on finishing your semester! I hope that you enjoy licensing school!

gmw said...

Good luck on that assignment to prepare an order of worship start to finish. I know that's not really your cup of tea... ;-)