Wednesday, May 10, 2006


J. Denny Weaver speaking about Sept 11 and Oct. 7:

On October 7, 2001, the United States initiated a violent response to September 11. More people have now been killed in Afghanistan as a result of October 7 than were killed 9-11. Those who died in Afghanistan, such as those killed by American fighter planes at a misdiagnosed wedding reception, were also victims of this cycle of violence. U.S.-sponsored violence has not solved the problems involved or convinced the other side to stop its own violence. In Afghanistan there was a regime change, but we still hear about bombs and assassination attempts and fighting between warlords in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

We should remember the victims of 9-11. We should also remember other things. We should remember that there are more victims than those who died on 9-11. There were victims of violence before 9-11—and those victims, of whichever side, are victims of the same cycle of violence that produced 9-11. Remember the events following 9-11, the violence since October 7 that has extended the cycle of violence and increased fears of more retaliation.

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