Tuesday, May 09, 2006


For those interested in youth ministry, emerging models of "doing church" together, postmodern ministry, or ancient prayer practices: there's a wonderful new book out by Mark Yaconelli, the director for the Youth Ministry Spirituality Project. It's called Contemplative Youth Ministry and it's his vision, world view, and model for youth ministry based on ancient forms of prayer, contemplation and practicing the presence of God.

I don't just recommend this to youth pastors but anyone who is interested in engaging young and old with the ancient practices of the church.

This book is currently "on tour" right now in the blogosphere and you can check out different blogger's thoughts on this wonderful gem, including Gavin who is blogging on it today. I'm up in a few days.

if you want to follow along, the tour dates are as follows:

May 8 Jonny Baker

May 9 Gavin Richardson

May 10 Sarah Dylan Breuer

May 11 Jennifer Roach

May 12 Mark Oestreicher

May 15 Dixon Kinser

May 17 Jonathon Norman

May 19 Adam Cleaveland

May 22 Lilly Lewin

May 24 Tim Van Meter

May 26 Lucas Land

May 29 Andy Jack

May 31 Bobbie

June 2 Darren Wright

June 5 Kester Brewin

June 7 Steve Case

June 9 Mike King

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