Monday, May 08, 2006


Disclaimer: I have no "cute" pictures to back this post up since most of the time I was tied up by thin guitar cables. But the following post is as accurate to the events that transpired as I can best recall...

So last night my youth group and Gavin's youth group got together at the Rivergate Bounce Factory for a fun night together. I arranged the whole event. Our youth group invited Hendersonville to come and be a part of the night's festivity in a spirit of community.

All in all in was a fun night. As I looked around everyone was bouncing in gigantic inflatabibles and having a great time. As the evening was drawing to a close Gavin's youth group began to load up in their vehicles. One of their youth came to me and said, "Hey, Gavin has your guitar in the van and he wants you to come and get it." I've been anticipating getting my guitar back so I was a little excited that they had been so thoughtful as to bring it. I went outside and to their van where in stead of finding a guitar I was bumrushed by a group of guys and thrown into their church van.

I fought my way out of the van and thinking that the joke was over went to wish Hendersonville's group safe travels home. Upon entering the bus where Gavin was driving I was greeted by another group and pushed into a chair, the door was shut and Gavin took off.

Several times I tried to make it out of the emergency window but the group kept grabbing me and holding me down. All the way to the home base they talked about what they were going to do with me. Obviously I listened with anxious curiosity and concern. Some of the suggestions were:
1. Let's shrink wrap him. But that might kill him. So.
2. Let's strip him and duct tape him and then drop him off in front of Publix.
3. Let's tie him up and leave him at Wendy's
4. Let's run over him with the church bus.
5. Hey Youth Director, do you know what usually happens to hostages in this kind of situation? They are usually killed and thrown out the window.

I was a little concerned at this point and feeling fairly irritated in the fact that I had been kidnapped and their responsible youth pastor who was allowing this to take place had allowed:
1. Me to be taken from my youth group in a public place where I was responsible for my kids
2. Had not let any of the adults in my group know what was going on nor made arrangements for someone to be responsible for my kids in my absense.

Upon arrival to their home base I decided that I would not put up a fight and so they:
1. Tied me up using guitar cables
2. pushed me down
3. Called Hermitage and told them that they had me hostage but they had no demands.

At this point I was tired, tied up with guitar cables, and been dragged around the church, and then taken into Gavin's office where I wasn't allowed to get up. They were kind enough to offer me water and a starburst. As I was sitting in a chair I asked if I could get a book to look at. I noticed a book called "Moral Thought" and decided to check it out. I pulled from Gavin's neatly placed stack of books. For a second all looked well but then the wall of knowledge came tumbling down. Sorry Gavo, I had no intentions of that happening. I'll be happy to help you rebuild your wall.

After my youth group heard what had happened they sent a peacemakers team to come and get me and yes, the peace treaty was torn, but only because Gavin your rowdy crew and yourself showed:
1. irresponsibility- if you were going to take me you should have made proper arrangements- who was responsible for my kids after I was take. My adults were left in dissaray and didn't know if I was coming back, who was in charge...
2. disresct- we invited you all to be a part of this night.
3. a spirit of violence instead of a spirit of peace.

I know it was all in fun and a need to "get back" at us but it wasn't thought out AT ALL.

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