Wednesday, May 31, 2006


So, as much as I the thought of this I know that I need to just go ahead and do it:

As of today this will more than likely be the last post of the summer for the phaith of st. phransus. I have way too much going on and I really need to simply give something up so that other things can fall into place (hopefully). So I do think for my sanity and creativity- a blogbatical is in order.

I may post here and there so I would encourage you to sign up to receive email updates- or you can just wait and visit in august and you will not have missed much- i promise.

So for know the blogbatical will begin today and I plan to return after the 1st week in August. You'll probably find me in various comment strands but that's about it.

Oh, and I should have some interesting new developments when I come back in August, at least I hope to have some. HAVE A TERRIFIC SUMMER ALL!! May the Lord bless you and keep you wherever the summer months take you.



Mary Beth said...

Have a great blogabatical!

Kevin Rector said...

I'll miss you. I sure wish you'd move to Wisconsin and be my associate pastor (I know I know you want to get paid and all that jazz, family responsibilities, yada yada).

It is heaven on earth up here in the spring, summer, and fall (it's only the winters that suck and they don't suck all that bad).

Have a good Summer buddy. Maybe e-mail me or something.

gavin richardson said...

uh... shameless ploy at attention, you'll be back before you know it.. like when you hang out with that gavin character at some coffee house that has wi-fi.. you know you can't resist


Thunder Jones said...

It's time, yo!

gavin richardson said...

uh, i know you are home.. and i know you have your computer messing around on something, don't deny it!!

gavin richardson said...

i think your blog is totally lame, like when do you ever say anything??

Thunder Jones said...

Hey Assbury!

Get blogging.

That's a command, not a suggestion.

FYI: I know where you live and will force you to blog using my nonviolent forms of peaceable coersion.

the reverend mommy said...

Don't let anyone unduly influence you.
I hope you are having a spirit filled and restful summer.
And I don't it's lame.

emily said...

yaaaaaaay summer's over. that means jonathon can start blogging again!

well, actually its not a good thing that summers over beacuase that means school and homework and no matt. = (

see ya tomorrow

gavin richardson said...

you said you would start on monday.. it's tuesday! almost wednesday!

Thunder Jones said...

Is the music over?

the reverend mommy said...

Hey. Wake up.
It's August.
Just in case you didn't notice.

emily said...

so you can take the time to change your picture but not start blogging?! i think you just enjoy getting all these comments from people telling you its time to start up. yeah, thats it.