Monday, May 08, 2006


J. Denny Weaver on rejecting violence:

"I write as a Christian pacifist—who believes that Jesus’ rejection of the sword, of violence, is a revelation of God’s reign and a call to all who would live as followers of Jesus under God’s rule. I also believe that if and when one accepts the truth of that rule, one can perceive the truth of the rejection of violence in events of the world around us. From the perspective of God’s peaceable kingdom, it is clear that we are in the grip of an ongoing cycle of violence, with each act of violence serving to justify the next round by the other side.

When I read these words, what comes to mind for me is "participation". As Christians should we "participate" in activities that intentionally promote violence? Should our faith lead us to a different way of living in the world that responds to violence and sin in ways that are wholly "other" than violence?

please, add your thoughts to what weaver has written...

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