Tuesday, March 27, 2007


With the anniversay of the war in Iraq still fresh I came across this poem published in the Alive Now Journal:

A PRAYER IN TIME OF WAR by Beverly Johnson Biehr


You are all powerful, all knowing

and all present in this world of your creation

Two millennia ago, the people of Jerusalem had hopes at a

fever pitch for a Messiah, who would bring justice and peace

to God's people. We find ourselves in a fearsome and dangerous

time in which plans for destruction proliferate,

while plans for peace and justice fall by the wayside.

Lord, you know our fears and our weariness with war.

We are impatient with trying to understand ethnic hatreds

and religious turnoil that never find resolution over

centuries upon centuries.

Nevertheless, today we pray for the peoples of the Middle

East and for all at war. Keep alive all hopes for peace and justice.

Be with all those affected by conflict and all who suffer.

O Lord, we, like the ancient Israelites, ask, even beg you

to bring peace and reconciliation to this warring

world. Forgive us for our wars, and give us the eyes and ears

to recognize and support thsoe leaders who do your will with

humility and with love for people.

Teach us as a country and as individuals to make peace; give us

the desire to wlrk as diligently at making peace as we have dedicated

our time and resources to making wars. Help everyone to live

out your eternal truth- hatred does not cease by hating but by loving.

Give us the eyes of Christ to see those who live and labor around us,

including immigrants from the Middle East. Lead us to open our arms in

hospitality and friendship. With your wisdom and love, give us the courage

to overcome anger with love and evil with good.

(from Alive Now Journal, upper room publishing, november/december 2006; p. 44-45)

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