Wednesday, March 07, 2007


FROM MY JOURNAL, MARCH 2 2007 written while on my sabbath day pilgrimage

'Jesus said, "Don't worry, I will... Today you will join me in paradise." ' Luke 23: 43

Remember me God
Re-Member me
Re-connect my life
to something worth connecting with

Gone... where I stood
is old news... yesterday...
a minute ago

Paradise- a pair of dice
rolled by your hands
blown on by your lips
breath that fills my lungs
calls my name but it sounds
so different now

It sounds so rhythmic and
colorfilled with bass- bass
and percussive voices

Re-membering me- rebuilding
this life into something beautiful
Re-membering... relocating to
a new neighborhood

written while on sabbath pilgrimage



John Wesley said...

Dearest Sibling in Christ,
Little journeys hither and thither have for these two or three weeks taken up much of my time. You know I am a busy kind of mortal; however, I am always glad to see my old friends. Keep fighting the good fight! Remember to first do no evil, second to do nothing but good and third to continue to attend to the ordinances of God.
Wishing you every gospel blessing;
I remain, dear James

St.Phransus said...

wow, thanks john.