Thursday, March 01, 2007


Over at bff's blog gavo made the statement "let's be honest, ninja's are awesome! so much cooler than zombies". Now one might read that and think to one's self, "self, I had not thought about ninjas as being cooler than zombies, but now that I think about it- yes it's true- those sneaky star throwing assasins are pretty darn cool."

However, knowing my bff for as long as I have and how he thinks (like a ninja), I know that his post is a subversive attack on all bloggers who happen to be open and inclusive to zombies.

Y'all, I'm afraid that what we have here is the beginnings of what might be a very politically charged situation in the methoblogosphere. What will this do to the UMC once we all start taking sides?

In fact, gavo's little attack on zombies just happens to be coming out a little too close to GC'08. And I hear that he is trying his best to be at GC- coincidence? I think not.

Before we have two new political action groups pitted against one another I want to call us all back to the center:


Mary Sue said...

YES! No one thinks enough about the zombies! WE MUST THINK OF THE ZOMBIES!

Remember, people, Jesus rose from the dead, which means he understands the needs and situations zombies experience!


gavin richardson said...

that ninja is so much cooler than that zombie. just proves my point!