Thursday, March 08, 2007


This will be my last post until Sunday evening. Tonight I'll be going through the Walk to Emmaus program. Walk to Emmaus Nashville area's hub happens to be at my church, Hermitage UMC, so for 72 hours I'll be a pilgrim at my church.

Up until last night I was a little indifferent about going through this (more than anything I was looking forward to a little rest and renewal) last night it hit me- an anxiety about going on a retreat that I'm not leading or have leadership in. I don't do too many of those (in fact I simply don't do those). It felt awkward. It became apparent to me that God was already at work in this weekend telling me that I have to release and let go of control- be a pilgrim and wait.

All day Carolyn, one of the secrataries and my good friend told me that she is confiscating my keys at the end of the day, David, my Emmaus sponsor, is taking my cell phone and watch (not too hard since I don't wear a watch).

I hope it's a great weekend, and I can already tell that I am going to learn some things about myself that I need to grow through. This is turning out to be quite a lenten season.

shalom all,



DogBlogger said...

What was it they kept telling me when I went? "Don't anticipate." Yeah, right. Sort of difficult for those of us accustomed to doing all the planning.
Enjoy being cared for during your Walk, JNorm. Lots of people will be lifting you up, in both obvious and hidden ways.

St.Phransus said...


TN Rambler said...

Although I have never taken the walk, I have known many who have. And all have found the experience to be deeply moving. You, and your brothers walking with you are in my prayers. Can't wait to hear about it on the flip side.

Lilly said...

letting go
and being on god's time is so hard!
i'm praying for you on your journey.
blessings big guy.

emily said...

hope you had a blest time.

(now that i think about it, im really not sure what the past-tense of "bless" is...)

gavin richardson said...

i'd say it is "blessed" emily..

hope you got a reprieve from staff meetings today man!