Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'd like to ask the blogging community to keep some neighbors in prayer for me. They live a few miles from me, I do not know them but after hearing this news from my neighborhood listserv my heart broke. Please keep in prayers the Flores-Scarbrough family. They were robbed a few days ago and the husband was killed in the process. From what I heard they have not been in the states for long.

By The Associated Press
March 12, 2007

NASHVILLE - A half-dozen men wearing bandanas over their faces charged
into a backyard family cookout Sunday night, robbed the husband and
father, then fatally shot him as they ran away.

The incident occurred in an East Nashville neighborhood and claimed the
life of Jose Flores, 30, who had given the robbers everything they had
demanded, his wife said.

The men forced Flores, his wife Tiffany Scarbrough and the couple's
children into their house and demanded cash, car keys and other

Scarbrough says as the robbers left, one of them turned and fired a shot
into the house, striking Flores in the side. He was pronounced dead at a
hospital a short time later.

''Now my babies have no father and it's all because of some little thug
street gang that took him away from me,'' Scarbrough said.

The couple's children are twin sons, 4, and another son, 6.


Mary Beth said...

How horrible.

Knowing you, though, you will get to know them.m

Art said...

Terrible! Praying for the family and the community.

DannyG said...

Add my prayers, too

greg hazelrig said...

They are in my prayers this morning.

Adi said...

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