Thursday, May 12, 2005


I will be taking a Blogbatical, a holy rest, from the blogdom. Actually I'll just be cutting back how frequently I can respond to friends posts, and write my own, at least for a few weeks.

Next week begins my Radical Orthodoxy class- and from the little I've read so far- the effect it has on me is: I'll read a paragraph and then this strange metaphysical occurence happens- my mouth dries up, my eyes water and I scratch my head in crazed bewilderment.

I do plan to write some from the Emergent Convention which begins Tue. and runs through Saturday.

So don't be offended if I don't come over to your blog to argue or start some kind of tomfoolery- I promise I'm popping in and keeping up with what's going on. And keep checking up on me- cause I will keep posting. Love ya- everyone!!!



Janie Wilkerson said...

Hey, Jonathon -
Has Emergent sent you anything about this week, like a more detailed conference schedule or anything like that? Are we going to need to check in together, since we're all from Blakemore? Inquiring minds want to know...:-)

c said...

So I'm walking around in our office and see a book from the Worship Feast series (readings, meditations, guidance) and lo and behold, your picture is on the inside. Very cool man. I didn't know I know someone who is famous. So that means anyone who comes to my blog is special too.

Kevin Bacon, you're a genuis.